Design, layout, electronic publishing or print—we make creating and managing your content easier across any media.

Creative Services

Our design team will understand your vision, and help create the look and feel that delivers your content to maximum effect—while maintaining your branding guidelines. We also understand the opportunities available for every content-delivery option, and the limitations that exist for each. A two-column format may be desirable for print, but can’t be displayed as an ePub. Evergreen will offer a single design concept that works for both, or create alternate layouts that maintain a cohesive look and feel.

Although text and tabular content-display varies for each reader and screen size, Evergreen will ensure that the integrity of your content is maintained, and provide options that maximize the viewing experience for your audience.

We have an extensive library of photos and graphics; and our staff can modify and enhance them to achieve your vision and maintain branding guidelines. If your content includes charts or graphs, Evergreen will design them to display properly for both print and electronic reading.