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Document Management

The Evergreen document management platform (DMP) is a secure, web-based system for organizing your source files and facilitating quality control, while providing structure for workflow and your scheduling demands.

The DMP provides:

  • Custom Interface: Every client is provided with a desktop tailored to your publication profile and work flow.
  • Structure: Document files are organized in folders and accessed from a drop down menu on your desktop. When a document folder is opened, files pertaining to that document are housed by category (narrative—Word, tabular—Excel, graphics and photos—JPEG , editorial proofs and final proofs—PDF or ePub).
  • Version Control: Date and version number are automatically applied to each document file when initially uploaded, and for each subsequent revision.
  • Permissioning: Administrator, User, Approver, and View-Only permissions are assigned for each document group—selected by your Administrator for each publication cycle.
  • Notification: Email notifications are platform-generated and sent to specific team members when document files are available for review, require revision, and when they are approved at each stage of the production cycle.
  • Activity Reports: The client Administrator can access a “dashboard” that provides the current status of each component for all publications that are in process. Reports can also be accessed to review the dates that files were uploaded and approved.
  • Archiving: When each publication cycle comes to a close, all final documents are archived for access by the client Administrator.

When client source-files are approved internally, a system-generated email is sent to Evergreen and style is applied for editorial proofs and final proofs in PDF, html, or ePub.

File Types: File types: may include Word, Excel, ePub, JPEG, PING, PDF, or other.