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Content delivery to mobile devices has redefined the marketplace. New opportunities have opened up for providers, while also presenting significant challenges. Content is no longer static, as readers assume a portion of their viewing experience with the ability to change fonts and type size. When a publication is formatted for ePub, the content provider must consider how pages will break on a variety of screen sizes, and incorporate structure that maintains continuity. Evergreen will ensure that your publication flows properly and content relationships are maintained.

Graphics and dynamic tables can present a particular challenge for ePub presentation. Evergreen will ensure that they resolve properly for both Android and iOS devices.

In addition to desktop review, each ePub we create is checked independently by our professional proofing staff on a variety of mobile devices. If you are planning to expand your presence to mobile delivery, or would like to explore options to enhance quality and service for your current ePubs, give Evergreen a call.