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Mobile Applications

Evergreen can develop custom branded Applications to deliver your content to the Android and iOS platforms at an affordable price. If you are distributing text and graphics through a tablet device, or specific data through a smartphone, we can provide options that suit your needs—and your budget.


Navigating a website to locate and view data on a smartphone can be difficult and frustrating. We will build your Application to display the specific information you want to deliver, rendered in a readable format that is easy to use. If your information is database driven, Evergreen will tailor an Application to access the content you want to provide, and deliver it to specific authorized recipients in a user-friendly format for any Android or iOS phone. Updated data can be provided as often you like, and the user is notified automatically when it is delivered.

Text and Graphics

If your content contains text and graphics, Evergreen can develop Applications that display properly on any tablet, with navigation tools to optimize utility. Our Applications will run on both Android and iOS platforms, so when new or updated content is available, it will be delivered rapidly. Our professional staff will proof all elements of your content carefully for accuracy and consistency before it is released.

Custom Apps

Personalizing your content for specific users can be a critical component for your business, and Evergreen can provide that for you. Should you want to create multiple custom brands for generic content, deliver specific data to individual users, or both, Evergreen can build Apps that fit your needs.

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